Hooves in the wind by Brano Molnár

-Why did you choose this interesting subject for your documentary?
I have a specific relation to horses.I used to help to my grandpa with plowing with horses,later I did a sport discipline -  Modern Pentathlon where was parkour riding. If I had no relation to horses, this document wouldnt be created.

- It's wonderful to know that many people swap luxury of civilization for hard life in the wild and say that this way of life made their dreams come true. This is the true way of life?
I think so....
Everyone who worked there, or still works, came from farmers families. They lived this style of life as a children. This way of life is not too radical change for these people. This is a chance form them to came back and the lives of their chidlhood.

-What were the most beautiful or curious days/aspects of your experience? Were there any problems in shooting the film?
I have nice memories to ground-fog, inversions and shooting in snow. Some troubles I had when was a rut of deers, because there were a lot of hunters.

-What future projects for your work do you have?
Just now I finished the document abou the  avalanche. This is a film which shows this dangerous element by the view of survivors.
Now I am working on 9 minidocuments about protected species of biotops, fauna and flora in SLovakia.

-What do you think about Italy? And about Valtellina and Sondrio Festival?
I was talking once with an Italian photographer and praised the Dolomites, and he said that, Italy is beautiful, but they miss the wildlife. I like your country and I have a lot of photos from allt he most beautiful places from Italy.
I am really glad that you choosed my document for your festival, it will be my first time, when my film will attend on festival in Italy. I hope, this is not the first and last time.

Camilla Martina