Winning films 1987-2022


1st edition - 1987 (European)

THE GRIFFON VULTURE (Le vautour fauve) by Jean Cedet and Christian Ringeval, produced by Pyrenees National Park, France

2nd edition - 1988

THE LIVING MOUNTAINS OF THE ANDES (El altiplano, las alturas vivas de los Andes) by Francisco Gedda Ortiz, produced by Universidad Catolica de Chile Corporacion de Television, Chile, 1985

3rd edition - 1989

KORUP: AN AFRICAN RAINFOREST by Phil Agland, produced by Phil Agland and Michael Rosemberg, United Kingdom, 1988

4th edition - 1990

WILD RIVER NO MORE by Dieter Plage, Produced by Survival Anglia, United Kingdom, 1989

5th edition - 1991

GORILLAS IN THE MIDST OF MAN by Adrian Warren, Produced by BBC, United Kingdom, 1989

6th edition - 1992

CRATER OF THE RAIN GOD by Richard Matthews, United Kingdom, 1992

7th edition - 1993

IBERÀ – LAND OF SHINIG WATERS by John Waters, United Kingdom, 1993

8th edition - 1994

POLAND’S WILD EAST (Polens wilder Osten) by Ernst Sasse  and Thomas Willers, produced by ZDF, Germany, 1993

9th edition - 1995

THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS by Nick Upton, produced by Nick Upton - Green Umbrella Ltd, United Kingdom, 1995

10th edition - 1996

“Decennial Award”
WILD RIVER NO MORE by Dieter Plage, Produced by Survival Anglia, United Kingdom, 1989

11th edition  - 1997

DENALI: ALASKA’S GREAT WILDERNESS produced by Bruce Reitherman - ABC/Kane Productions, United States, 1997

12th edition.- 1998

SOCA – THE EMERALD RIVER by Michael Schlamberger, produced by K. Feichtemberger and R. Schlamberger, Science Vision Filmproduktion for ORF Natural History Unit, co-produzione with BBC and RTV Slovenija, Austria, 1997

13th edition - 1999

CANDAMO – JOURNEY BEYOND HELL by Daniel Winitzky, produced by D. Winitzky, Scandinature Films, Sweden, 1998

14th edition – 2000

AUSTRALIA - EYE OF THE STORM – SOUTHERN EXPOSURE by Jeni Clevers, produced by Jeni Clevers, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia, 1999

15th edition – 2001

MZIMA: HAUNT OF THE RIVER HORSE by Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, produced by Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, United Kingdom, 2001

16th edition – 2002

WONDERWORLD LAKE (Wunderwelt See) by Dietmar Keil, produced by Dietmar Keil, Germany

17th edition – 2003

PUSZTA – LAND OF SALT AND SAND by Waltraud Paschinger and Istvan Nadaskay, produced by Waltraud Paschinger and Istvan Nadaskay/ORF Natural History Unit, Austria, 2002

18th edition – 2004

THE ELEPHANT, THE EMPEROR AND THE BUTTERFLY TREE by Alastair MacEwen and Sean Morris, produced by Neil Curry, Sean Morris and Alastair MacEwen, OSF Productions, United Kingdom, 2003

19th edition – 2005

TAIWAN – TYPHOON ISLAND by Nick Upton, produced by ScienceVision - ORF Natural History Unit, Austria, 2004

20th edition – 2006

THE QUEEN OF TREES by Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, co-production NHK, WNET, Granada International, United Kingdom, 2005

21st edition – 2007

WALL OF DEATH by Yossi Weissler, produced by Yossi Weissler, Afikim Productions, Israel 2006

22nd edition – 2008

HIGH TATRAS by Pavol Barabas, Produced by Cosmos Factory and ARTpoint Production for ORF, in co-production with WDR e NDR, in association with Slowak Ministry of Culture, Austria  2007

23rd edition – 2009

ON THE TRAIL OF THE FOX by Jérôme Bouvier, Produced by Bonne Pioche Productions, France 2007

24th edition – 2010

IN ANOTHER WORLD by Joseph Peaquin, Produced by Docfilm for Gran Paradiso Nationl Park and Fondation Gran Paradis, Italy 2009

25th edition – 2011

OUT OF THE ASHES by Dione Gilmour, Produced by Tony Wright, December Films, Australia 2010

26th edition – 2012

A TIGER DYNASTY by Subbiah Nallamuthu, Produced by Grey Films India for BBC Natural World, India 2011

27th edition – 2013

THE MOOR by Jan Haft, Produced by Nautilusfilm, Germany 2012

28th edition – 2014

SECRETS OF BUMBLEBEES by Kurt Mündl – Produced by Power of Earth Productons for ORF, Austria 2013

29th edition – 2015

BAOBABS BETWEEN LAND AND SEA by Cyrille Comu, produced by Cyrille Cornu, France 2015

30th edition – 2016

POLAR BEAR SUMMER by Klaus Scheurich, proced by Marco Polo Film AG, Germany 2015

31st edition – 2017

ISLANDS IN TIME - A WILDLIFE ODYSSEY - BORN OF FIRE by Matt Hamilton – Production: Terra Mater Factual Studios in association with DocLights/Naturfilm and National Geographic Channel – Austria 2017

32nd edition – 2018

THE LIONS RULE - DEATH IN THE GLADE by Owen Pruemm - Produced by: Terra Mater Factual Studios in coproduction with Doclights/NDR Naturfilm and National Geographic Channel – Austria 2017

33rd edition – 2019

GERDAB by Fathollah Amiri - Production: Wildlife Pictures Institute – Iran 2019

34th edition - 2020

DIE WÄLDER DES NORDENS by Kevin McMahon - Production: Primitive Entertainment - Canada 2019

35th edition - 2021

POLARNACHT – SKANDINAVIENS WILDNIS IM WINTER by Steffen Sailer, Alexandra Sailer - Production: Verena Feige, Marco Polo AG - Germany 2019


XXXVI edizione - 2022

THE ELEPHANT AND THE TERMITE by Mark Deeble, Victoria Stone - Production: Deeble&Stone - Kenya 2021