ASSOMIDOP (Associazione Mostra Internazionale dei Documentari sui Parchi), founded in 1998, manages and organizes every year Sondrio Festival. It is a voluntary and non-profit cultural association of which the following members are members: Municipality of Sondrio (founding member)Italian Alpine Club (founding member)B.I.M. - Consortium of Municipalities of the Montano dell'Adda catchment area (promoting member)Stelvio National Park (ordinary member)Orobie Valtellinesi Park (ordinary member) ASSOMIDOP has its registered office and operational headquarters in Via Perego 1 (Palazzo Martinengo - I floor), 23100 Sondrio - Tel. 0342 526260 - The organs of the association are: the Assembly of the members, the Board of Directors, the President and the Vice President, the Director, the Auditor, the Scientific Committee.