BAOBABS BETWEEN LAND AND SEA (Baobabs entre Terre et Mer)

Cyrille Cornu, the director of BAOBABS BETWEEN LAND AND SEA (Baobabs entre Terre et Mer), tells us about his work

Premi / Awards 2015

L'elenco completo dei vincitori e delle menzioni di Sondrio Festival 2015
The complete list of prizes and mentions of Sondrio Festival 2015

Wild Australia – Jurassic Jungle by Thoralf Grospitz and Jens Westphalen

 Jens Westphalen, the director (with Thoralf Grospitz)  of Wild Australia – Jurassic Jungle, tell us about is film.

Living with elephants by Andrea Pawel

Andrea Pawel is a Brazilian/British conservationist, film director and writer. Andrea began her career through a fascination for primates and a desire to conserve them.

Welcome to Sondrio Festival

Sondrio Festival is a unique international film festival, mainly dedicated to nature films, of high scientific and cinematographic level, made in nature parks and protected areas worldwide. It takes place every year since 1987 in Sondrio, Italy, in October, during a week.

The works presented in the competition are selected from the best productions worldwide: among the past festivals winners are film-makers from all over the world and famous personalities in the field of nature documentary.

Further film sections may be set up for documentaries made in natural areas, highlighting problems concerning the environment, its conservation, human activities, agriculture and sustainable development.

The Festival International Jury is composed by film-makers, producers, naturalists, park managers and journalists.

The aims of the Festival are the diffusion of the culture of nature parks, protected areas and environmental protection, environmental education and the promotion of nature films.

In the course of a week, the Festival attracts a large audience and the local school children and students who have the opportunity to meet, learn and interact with filmmakers, naturalists and parks managers.

As well as the film screenings (the evening films are shown again on the following day, in the morning for schools and in the afternoon for the general public) the Festival week hosts conferences, exhibitions, shows, meetings with the film-makers and on environmental education for the schools.