A tiger dynasty

First Prize – “Town of Sondrio” 2012
Subiah Nallamuthu
by Subiah Nallamuthu –Produced by: Grey Films India for BBC Natural World – India 2011 –Running time: 58 min. - Featured areas: Sariska and Ranthambore National Parks, India

A young tigress, called Baghani, is taken from her home in Ranthambore National Park and released in an unknown territory of Sariska National Park where all 24 tiger were killed by poachers. Baghani along with her mate Rajore have been chosen to start a new dynasty. For two years every aspect of their lives is followed by the camera. The film reveals an intimate and astounding insight into the private lives of these tigers and the animals they encounter in their new home. Will they survive and reclaim Sariska for the tiger?

Subiah Nallamuthu (Nalla is nickname) is a freelance cinematographer, director and producer since 1987. In a twenty year long career he’s had the opportunity to shoot feature films, documentaries, news, corporate films and TV shows. During this time Nalla has had the pleasure and privilege of working with some of the industry’s best directors and networks including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery International among others. As an expert Hi Definition and Hi speed cinematographer he has travelled across the world and his work has received both national and international acclaim. Nalla has dedicated the last five years of his life filming in India’s forests and his fauna. A tiger dynasty is his last work on these themes.
Known for his dramatic cinematography and keen eye for detail, Nalla is counted among the best cinematographers in India. Through his films, Nalla hopes to bring to life every second of the raging struggle for survival that persists in the unpredictable wild.