ART. 1

The Center of Cinematography and Film Library of the Italian Alpine Club (CCC) has established a special award to honor the memory of Renata Viviani, President of the Lombardy Regional Group of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), Central Councilor and representative of the Video Library, who died in 2018. This prize recognizes her commitment to defending and promoting mountain environments. It was first included in 2018 in a wider event - “MIMOFF - Milano Mountain Film Festival” - and will henceforth be an integral part of the “Sondrio Festival”.

ART. 2

Regarding all films admitted to the final stage of the Sondrio Festival, the following requirements are necessary to be eligible for the “Renata Viviani” Special Award:

a) they must represent issues regarding the environment and reflect the commitment to maintain the protection and sustainability of mountainous areas;

b) they must reflect the values and ideals of the CAI.

ART. 3

Admission to the “Renata Viviani” Special Award competition will be approved by the Board of Directors of Sondrio Festival in collaboration with an expert Scientific Committee. The directors of the Festival will then forward the films as selected for the final phase of the competition by the Scientific Committee to the CCC.

ART. 4

A commission consisting of three selected members of the CCC as well as a Central Committee of Guidance and Regulations of the Italian Alpine Club (CC) representative will examine the nominated films.

ART. 5

The CAI commission will choose the winner of the “Renata Viviani” Special Award by a majority vote of its members. In the event of a tie the vote of the CC representative will be decisive. A special report explaining the grounds of their decision will be outlined.

The President of the CCC will duly communicate the name of the winning film to the Directors of the Sondrio Festival and to the Directors of the CAI at least 10 days before the start of the Festival, including their detailed report.

ART. 6

The “Renata Viviani” Special Award consists of a plaque or other decorative prize and a cash prize of € 1.500,00, to be paid to the winner upon the presentation of a valid ID to the CAI Head Office in Milan, Via Petrella, 19.

ART. 7

The prize will be awarded to the winning director (or a representative) by the President of the National CAI association or a nominated delegate during the Sondrio Festival award ceremony.

ART. 8

The “Renata Viviani” Special Award competition is free to enter, however documentaries that have been publically screened prior to 1st January of the year preceding that year’s Sondrio Festival or that have been submitted to previous editions of the Sondrio Festival will not be considered.

ART. 9

For any rules and regulations not herein expressed please refer to the regulations provided by the Sondrio Festival and the rules stipulated by the CAI.



CAI: Italian Alpine Club

CCC: Center of Cinematography and Film Library of the Italian Alpine Club

CC: Central Committee of Guidance and Regulations of the Italian Alpine Club